Should I use a Drag and Drop theme with WordPress

Most companies now realize that it is essential to have a website if they are to grow and maintain their business. That website should also be mobile friendly so that the increasingly large audience who do everything on their smartphone phones can see what you are offering. You might very well decide to use WordPress since this is a very popular website software. Continue reading “Should I use a Drag and Drop theme with WordPress”

Google Requires Mobile-Friendly Websites – Does Yours Comply?

cellphoneWith the world becoming more mobile, Google has made it a requirement that all websites be mobile user friendly. This means that your website must be accessible by any mobile device that has Internet connectivity capabilities. This does not mean that you have to construct an entirely new website; a copy of your existing website can be made for mobile users with a few modifications to ensure that it functions properly. Continue reading “Google Requires Mobile-Friendly Websites – Does Yours Comply?”

Start Your Marketing Early

startupThe biggest cause of failed start-ups is that their marketing is not sufficiently effective in creating the sales growth they need. Marketing is the process of dialoguing with potential customers, ensuring that your products and services meet a real need that they have and then delivering the right solution for their needs. Continue reading “Start Your Marketing Early”

A Mother’s Work Is Never Done

mother duckThe Huffington Post has an article on The Battle of the Working Mother and how to win your own ‘Mommy War’. The War is between the demands of your working career and the demands of your home and your children. It’s very challenging but that does not mean that stay-at-home-moms have it easy. Continue reading “A Mother’s Work Is Never Done”

Build Your Online Presence On A Solid Domain Name

domain namesA recent Forbes article points out the importance of getting the right domain name for your business.

A good domain name can catch attention, biasing people to prefer your company over competitors, and making it easy to reach the website if and when they decide to use it. A bad domain name can sink you. Like a storefront and location in the offline world, your domain name is the very first vehicle by which potential investors/customers/employees evaluate your company before they even engage. Continue reading “Build Your Online Presence On A Solid Domain Name”

Personalized Advertising for a Young, Internet-Savvy Vancouver Audience

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This article is contributed by Annie Harrington.

Over the years, I’ve learned people love it when you talk to them, engage them, and relate to their interests. It’s basic interpersonal communication. What they don’t like is when you talk at them. Continue reading “Personalized Advertising for a Young, Internet-Savvy Vancouver Audience”

Use Twitter To Find The Best Graphics Designers

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This article is contributed by Fahad Raza.

When you’re in need of a designer, there are more than one way of looking for one online. You could simply Google appropriate keywords to find a very long list of designers, on which you could easily lose a few hours. You’d have to browse through the web results one after the other, most of which will be portfolio websites of professional designers or designing agencies. You’d go through the portfolios and may or may not find the kind of designs you would like to have for yourself. In any case, the feat is both tedious and tormenting. Continue reading “Use Twitter To Find The Best Graphics Designers”

How Web Applications Can Enhance Your Users Experience

shortcut to web applicationThis article is contributed by Vadim Kirichenko.

If you run a website or blog, then chances are that you want to try and get as much traffic as possible to your site and then keep your visitors there by showing them what they came to see and engaging them with your quality content. Continue reading “How Web Applications Can Enhance Your Users Experience”

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Flash to Build a Website

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This article is contributed by Robert Fisher.

Have you decided to use Flash to build your website? If yes, you should rethink and change your decision. It is true that Flash based websites are really attractive and cute.  See the examples to the right and below of what is possible.  if you are planning to build a heavily animated website or one that offers many online games, then it is OK to use Flash. But, if you are building a website to improve your business by increasing traffic to your site, then Flash is not the right choice. Continue reading “4 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Flash to Build a Website”