Tips For A Successful IT Help Desk

Any company that has an IT help desk needs to have one that is both quick and gets the job done. Providing anything else to a customer will drive them elsewhere. But what are the ways that a customer support staff can be effective? There are some tried and true methods that can be followed to ensure success. Here are just a few of the ways that your New Jersey help desk support can do so much better than is offered by the competition. Continue reading “Tips For A Successful IT Help Desk”

Live Chat Customer Service

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Call center live chat services are necessary for every business that wishes to interact directly with their customers. Customers want to have an immediate way to communicate with companies, and live chat is often the best way to help them do this. Following each of the steps below allows businesses to have meaningful and satisfying interactions with their customers. Continue reading “Live Chat Customer Service”

Three Critical Items To Get Right On Your Ecommerce Website

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After last year’s holiday season, researchers learned many interesting facts about what makes a good ecommerce site. They found that what was commonly believed about customer online shopping, such as what kept them from buying or what encouraged them to purchase were not the reasons that customers reported in past years. These three tips can encourage customers to not only visit a company website, but convert them to customers.

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How Can MS Dynamics Make Your Business More Efficient

service with a smileThis article is contributed by Mike Spalding.

Business is all about communication. Without communication, you have no clients, no suppliers, no way to discover or connect with prospective new clients. Communication is the lifeblood of every business.

A lot of people make an assumption that communication simply involves the act of communicating itself – phoning someone, emailing someone, connecting with an individual on LinkedIn – the connection itself. Continue reading “How Can MS Dynamics Make Your Business More Efficient”

Help is defined by the recipient

help is defined by the recipientPeter Drucker, perhaps the wisest management consultant ever, coined the phrase shown in the image to the right almost 50 years ago. If you are offering help to someone, it is only help if they acknowledge that it is useful to them. If someone has not asked for help, you should tread very carefully before offering any. Very often someone is not asking for help because they don’t believe they need help. When you offer help in that situation, the recipient may become angry that you are criticizing the way they are doing things. Continue reading “Help is defined by the recipient”

How to Grow Your E-mail List Quickly for More Conversions

This article is contributed by Kay Winders.

The key to successful marketing and repeat sales is to build a strong e-mail list. The bigger your list, the more targeted leads you have when you are ready to promote a new product or service or have an exclusive deal to offer. The more targeted leads you have, the greater your conversions will be and the more money you will make. Continue reading “How to Grow Your E-mail List Quickly for More Conversions”

Making connections

The tragic events of this week brings home to us all in a devastating way the importance of being connected with others.  For most people being alone is extremely tough.  Having one or two or a circle of friends with whom you can communicate is a powerful support as one goes through the travails of life. Continue reading “Making connections”

Your Business Online Reputation Is Worth Protecting

A recent article via the Vancouver Sun gives a much-needed warning: Online reputation: protect yours.  Of course, online business reputation management is not easy with the proliferation of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Friends talk to friends and it’s not always easy to be in the loop.

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Inbound Marketing and Marketing Outside In

Marketing like many other branches of business often introduces jargon that may confuse readers.  The latest of these is the term inbound marketing. In demystifying this term, we will show you a concept that is even more useful.  That is marketing from the outside in

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Outside-In For A Different Perspective

Outside in is perhaps the best pair of words to express that you are looking at something from a different perspective.  It is a very short way of suggesting that the view is coming from a different direction.  The words are being used currently in a number of different and interesting ways.

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