BWrap wrapped: BPWrap unwrapped – Oh Oh Sorry!

Well is my face red! I missed something I’m always advising others to do. I didn’t check that the Blog name was hopefully unique in Google. My middle initial is P so originally I thought of calling it BPWrap. That’s pronounced bee-pee-rap. Then I thought of simplifying it to BWrap, pronounced bee-rap. … and that’s what I went for.

If I had done a Google search, I would have found a number of entries from the Black Women’s Rape Action Project. This London, UK, group seems to be doing some good work and getting some publicity for their efforts. They use the acronym, BWRAP. I wouldn’t want to confuse things by another initiative using the same name. So I’ve gone back to my original idea, for which there is only one other somewhat obscure mention in Google.

BWrap Unwrapped

Welcome to the unwrapping of the BWrap. It’s a very special kind of blog. Like other blogs it’s personal, but it has a particular purpose.

I am getting into blogs somewhat reluctantly. I’m all for protecting the planet and I worried about adding even more bandwidth to the tower of Babel that the Internet represents. However this is a way of killing two birds with one stone. Welcome to Newslets.

Each month, Strategic Marketing Montreal produces a newsletter on some aspect of Internet Marketing Strategy. It takes a current theme and covers all aspects of this within 2000 words or so. The themes usually involve some current event in the Internet world or perhaps some aspect that has arisen in a client project. Of course during a month, many topics come to mind but there is only one newsletter per month.

The BWrap will be used as a “training camp” for such possible topics that arise during the month. Each one will be called a newslet. Remember that word. You heard it here first. It has a similar meaning to other words such as starlet or plantlet. Based on reactions and any comments on each newslet, a single one will be chosen and developed into a full length newsletter. I also may add newsworthy items that strike me from time to time even if these won’t make it to a Newsletter. So if you want to get an advanced reading on what may be coming up in the SMM Newsletters, or even want to influence what appears in the Newsletters, here’s the place to watch.

With this preamble, we declare the BWrap launched and open for comments.