The Importance of Leadership Training for New Managers

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Being promoted to a leadership position is a great feeling. It means the company values your work ethic and your opinion about how the company should run. The transition from regular employee to an executive position is a big change, though. Even if you are completely prepared for it, there are going to be some things that take some getting used to.

All managers go through training throughout their employment at a company. There is no training more important in this process than the initial training they get before their first day as a leader at the company. This training sets the tone for the rest of their career, especially as it affects their vital first days on the job. There are a lot of great companies that provide leadership training in Pittsburgh like Key Group Consulting Inc. What are the most important things that make up great leadership training?

4 Things to Look For In Leadership Training

1. Customization – Each company is different and they need to have a training program that will fit this. When searching for an executive training consulting firm, be sure to hire someone with a lot of experience working with all kinds of different companies. This shows that they can adapt as a company to any situation to get the best results from a new management hire.

2. Multiple Methods – You also want to hire a company that uses several different ways to deliver the training including role playing, mentorship, and a combination of various other methods. All great training companies do this.

3. Face to Face – Many companies offer consulting services via web chat. These can be somewhat effective, but you should strive to hire a company that does most of its training in face-to-face contacts because this is proven to have the best results overall. A somewhat blended approach is acceptable, but the scale should tip in favor of in-person interactions.

4. Mentorship – A great leadership coach will encourage a new manager to find a mentor within the company that can help guide them. This is important because they know the ins and outs of the company and what leadership methods are most effective. Mentorship is a valuable resource for any executive, even for those that are already leaders and mentors themselves. You are never too important or successful to learn something new.