How To Fundraise Online – How I Raised £1,700 In Three Months

marathonThis article is contributed by Allen Peters.

For a long time I had wanted to run the London Marathon. It seemed like a great challenge, a great thing to say that I’d accomplished and a fun and historic event to be a part of.

The only flaw in my plan was the fact that it was so difficult to actually get a place. So many apply to run the Marathon each year, that most people would apply multiple times and still not get accepted. If you apply and get refused four times in a row then you get a place automatically, but that’s assuming that you haven’t given up on the idea after the second attempt… as I did. Continue reading

Testing out TextMaster crowdsourced content creation service

lost for wordsThis article is contributed by Humphrey Omondi.

We get reminded on a regular basis about the importance of creating quality content that engages with the reader. The concept of content creation is at the heart of inbound marketing; it increases visibility, improves your ranking in the search engines and helps to grow your business. We all know the importance of creating smart content, but it is not easy to create high quality content in high volumes. It gets even more difficult when your site is in multiple languages. In that case, it is better to use native speakers who produce content in the language that the particular site is targeting, but where do you find them? Continue reading

X Winning Ways To Incorporate Social Media Into Your Clothes Design Ideas

fashion modelThis article is contributed by Nancy Baker.

If you are starting off as a clothes designer and are thinking of ways to get your brand and name out there, look no further! Social media is an incredible way to make new friends and generally build up your own community of likeminded individuals. It is also a killer way to bring people’s attention to whatever it is that you are selling, but it is not exactly straightforward. There is a particular set of rules that, if adhered to, can bring you an incredible return. This article looks at how fledgling designers can harness this phenomenal platform in a way that sometimes belies belief. So please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and see if you can pick up some value from the rest of this piece. Continue reading

Life Hack – How To Make Jewellery With The Internet

jewellery on the rocksThis article is contributed by Ryan Hall.

The most impressive feature of the web is its ability to level the playing field, to give the general public a voice and create tools for new startups to compete with huge businesses. This is the ultimate tool for self-expression and for democracy, and puts incredibly powerful tools in the hands of everyone around the world. Continue reading

How Can MS Dynamics Make Your Business More Efficient

service with a smileThis article is contributed by Mike Spalding.

Business is all about communication. Without communication, you have no clients, no suppliers, no way to discover or connect with prospective new clients. Communication is the lifeblood of every business.

A lot of people make an assumption that communication simply involves the act of communicating itself – phoning someone, emailing someone, connecting with an individual on LinkedIn – the connection itself. Continue reading

How Social Media is Changing the World

social mediaThis article is contributed by Matt Smith.

Social media has definitely influenced the way we work and live. With more than 90% of the population using the internet every day and a majority of them using some type of social media network, there’s no doubt that social media has the potential to change the world. But how, and in what specific ways? Continue reading

How to Optimize for Search on Facebook and YouTube

searchingThis article is contributed by Emma-Julie Fox.

There used to be a time when search engines and social networking sites had completely different purposes. Search engines were used to find relevant information whereas social networking sites were used to interact with family and friends from all over the world. These days, social media has expanded its reach such that it now serves search purposes as well. Continue reading

Seven Alternatives To Adsense For Blog Monetization

google adsense queryThis article is contributed by Craig Watts.

For those new to blogging, the attraction of Adsense isn’t difficult to understand. It’s easy to get accepted, easy to install and easy to get paid regardless of what you are blogging about. As a result, it’s how most bloggers make their first dollar online.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with monetizing a blog with Adsense, it’s important to be aware of the fact that Adsense isn’t the only game in town. And more importantly, the other options happen to pay a hell of a lot better. Continue reading