X Winning Ways To Incorporate Social Media Into Your Clothes Design Ideas

fashion modelThis article is contributed by Nancy Baker.

If you are starting off as a clothes designer and are thinking of ways to get your brand and name out there, look no further! Social media is an incredible way to make new friends and generally build up your own community of likeminded individuals. It is also a killer way to bring people’s attention to whatever it is that you are selling, but it is not exactly straightforward. There is a particular set of rules that, if adhered to, can bring you an incredible return. This article looks at how fledgling designers can harness this phenomenal platform in a way that sometimes belies belief. So please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and see if you can pick up some value from the rest of this piece. Continue reading “X Winning Ways To Incorporate Social Media Into Your Clothes Design Ideas”

Digital Mastery

digital masteryIf you feel like you have your finger on the pulse of your smartphone, tablet, computer and anything else electronic, and further, you feel like you know how to reach people through this form of communication, you should check into the University of Florida’s Digital Marketing Degree to bolster your natural abilities in this ever-expanding field for media aficionados. Continue reading “Digital Mastery”

How Social Media is Changing the World

social mediaThis article is contributed by Matt Smith.

Social media has definitely influenced the way we work and live. With more than 90% of the population using the internet every day and a majority of them using some type of social media network, there’s no doubt that social media has the potential to change the world. But how, and in what specific ways? Continue reading “How Social Media is Changing the World”

Use Twitter To Find The Best Graphics Designers

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This article is contributed by Fahad Raza.

When you’re in need of a designer, there are more than one way of looking for one online. You could simply Google appropriate keywords to find a very long list of designers, on which you could easily lose a few hours. You’d have to browse through the web results one after the other, most of which will be portfolio websites of professional designers or designing agencies. You’d go through the portfolios and may or may not find the kind of designs you would like to have for yourself. In any case, the feat is both tedious and tormenting. Continue reading “Use Twitter To Find The Best Graphics Designers”

Promote Your Online Business Community

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This article is contributed by Donald Adams.

Technology has changed business in a large number of ways and created a wealth of opportunities for start-ups and small companies that can at last go toe to toe with larger corporations. New internet marketing techniques have enabled them to reach a wider audience than ever before.  Digital production methods have reduced overheads and automated manufacturing, and better distribution channels have made order fulfillment easier than ever before. But what the web really gives to business is the benefit of community, and that’s something that many of us aren’t taking enough advantage of. Continue reading “Promote Your Online Business Community”

5 Top Social Media Trends For 2013

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This article is contributed by Abel Velazquez.

2012 was a huge year for social media. We had the Facebook IPO, the emergence of Pinterest, and the arrival of Google+ as one of the giants in the social space — at least in terms of size. What does the future hold? It is a legitimate question to ask seeing how a new year is right around the corner. Anything could happen, but these five trends have already generated enough buzz to warrant monitoring in 2013. Continue reading “5 Top Social Media Trends For 2013”

Does Pinterest Only Interest Women?

This article is contributed by Joel Smith.

Launched in March 2010, Pinterest has now grown to become one of the most popular social bookmark-sharing websites. Currently with an Alexa rank of 42, Pinterest has seen the community grow in leaps and bounds. The site that celebrated reaching 1.6 million members in September of 2011 grew sensationally to 11.5 million in only February. Interestingly enough, 82% of these users are women. But is Pinterest only targeted at women or does it offer features of interest to men as well? Continue reading “Does Pinterest Only Interest Women?”

Making connections

The tragic events of this week brings home to us all in a devastating way the importance of being connected with others.  For most people being alone is extremely tough.  Having one or two or a circle of friends with whom you can communicate is a powerful support as one goes through the travails of life. Continue reading “Making connections”

Get An Avalanche Of Targeted Traffic By Writing Guest Posts

This article is contributed by Vadim Kirichenko.

You’ve probably been trying to get traffic for ages and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. After trying everything you can think of it might seem like there is nothing you can do to become a success. Lots of methods like SEO and video marketing take a long time before you see any decent results. You want something that will give you results in the shortest amount of time. Continue reading “Get An Avalanche Of Targeted Traffic By Writing Guest Posts”