Why Website Downtime Hurts Your Business

When businesses start looking for website hosts and developers, they will often find cheap offers that seem like they would be easy on the company budget. In many cases, cheap hosting services are only made possible because the service is willing to accept a high amount of downtime compared to more expensive hosts. If you are thinking about going with a cheap solution for your hosting, then check this out and see several ways by which  downtime hurts your business. Continue reading “Why Website Downtime Hurts Your Business”

Opera Unite For Your Own Web Hosting

Opera Unite reinvents the Web, according to Opera who feel that cloud computing and Web-based applications will never be the same.

Seth Rosenblatt at Cnet thinks Opera may have something interesting as it tries to Unite users across browsers.

The Web server is interesting, as well. Being able to host a Web page from your desktop computer, without having to worry about paying somebody for the privilege, has the potential to usher in a new age of Web hosting where the only cost is what you pay your ISP and there’s no middle-man to go through. However, the most popular things to do online that require your own site–sharing media and writing blogs–can be done effectively and cheaply from third-party hosts. Still, Unite-based Web-serving has potential.

What as yet has not been sufficiently discussed are the security aspects of allowing others to use your computer as a server.  Some feel that Opera’s Unite Is One Incredibly Bad Idea

Then there are the security implications. Unite lets users set permission levels for who can access their files, but one of these levels appears to be "completely open." That doesn’t sound good. Ostensibly, you’re sharing files with people you know, but I could envision someone setting up a link to their Opera Unite service that leads people to a file that’s really malware.

For most of us, we will stick to traditional web hosting. There are many fine hosting services that are economical and reliable throughout North America. Even if we all become confident that Opera Unite can be the way we share some of our online properties, undoubtedly this will be complemented by a standard web hosting arrangement.