Three Critical Items To Get Right On Your Ecommerce Website

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After last year’s holiday season, researchers learned many interesting facts about what makes a good ecommerce site. They found that what was commonly believed about customer online shopping, such as what kept them from buying or what encouraged them to purchase were not the reasons that customers reported in past years. These three tips can encourage customers to not only visit a company website, but convert them to customers.

Unable to Find Item They Want

One of the primary reasons that customers reported for not purchasing an item when they visited a website was that they were unable to find the product they wanted. Website design offers companies the ability to lay out the site based on the customer’s ability to locate items. For those that are technologically advanced, they may simply want to get into the site, make the purchase and move on, while others who are technologically challenged may need some guidance. Therefore, be sure to include website items that meet the needs of all levels of online shoppers.

Include a search bar that is prominently displayed where those who are familiar with online shopping can enter the product and find it quickly. Be sure that the search bar provides suggestions as they type to make things even easier. For shoppers who are not comfortable shopping online, but have some purchases they must make that way, make it clear that all purchases are secure and promote return policies to make them feel more comfortable about their purchase.

Graphics and Layout

Another feature that customers find important when shopping online is the graphics that appear on the screen as well as how well the products are laid out. The website layout is critical as a site that is difficult to maneuver or read often causes users to go elsewhere. Use high-quality photos of the products  displayed in attractive settings. Display the price boldly and clearly, as many shoppers report leaving a site if the price is not prominently displayed. Do not require users to register in order to check out, although you can offer that as an option. Allow customers to post reviews, both positive and negative. The positive reviews will encourage other customers to believe that the product or service is beneficial, while negative reviews give the company a chance to be aware of and respond to customer concerns publicly. Be sure the “Add to Cart” button is easy to find, and that the wording is clear. Consider a feature that allows the shopper to see how many items are in the cart, or even better, the total value of the merchandise in the cart. If there are special offers or deals, such as a discount on a particular day or free shipping, be sure that it is clearly stated and prominent on every page of the site.

Shopping Cart

Once the shopper is finished, it must be easy for them to purchase what they selected. One page checkouts increase the chance that a shopper will purchase. In fact, one study found an increase of 20 percent when users were able to check out with one click of the submit button. Another study found that 76 percent of users want the availability of instant chat during online purchases in case they have any questions. However, users report annoyance when the chat function is always down or there is a long wait to speak to a representative. Therefore, before instituting a live chat function, be sure that there are enough employees available to handle the demand, or consider outsourcing the function in order to have it available 24/7.  Around-the-clock instant chat could increase sales in other time zones as well.

These simple tips can help companies ensure that a website visitor becomes a website customer. Companies like Network Solutions offers e commerce web design services and it is easy to incorporate all of these suggestions in any business’s shopping website.

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