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The tragic events of this week brings home to us all in a devastating way the importance of being connected with others.  For most people being alone is extremely tough.  Having one or two or a circle of friends with whom you can communicate is a powerful support as one goes through the travails of life.

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Most of us are very busy

Even though we acknowledge the importance of staying in touch, our busy lives can get in the way.  Small crises may develop that grab our attention and we move on to other things.  The very well organized may have a to-do list that helps them cover most of the important matters they should attend to.

This can be even easier with a smart phone.  For example on my Samsung Galaxy, I have the Any.DO application so my to-do list is in my face every time I open the phone.  This same application is also available for iPhones.

However even with a to-do list, the days sometimes are not long enough and important tasks get crowded out.  Even more so relaxing activities like chilling out with friends just cannot be fitted in.

Social media may not help

Some people stay in touch by texting on their cell phones but the social media are increasingly a preferred way of connecting.  Either through Facebook or Twitter you can follow what your friends are doing.  Unfortunately again the multiplicity of messages coming from these social media may be somewhat overwhelming.

Google is now trying to create its own social media with Google plus.  The carrot it dangles is that this may help in the ranking of any websites you may have.  So people are spending some of their online time in developing a presence on Google plus.  Unfortunately this further confuses what is already a somewhat messy world.

There are also an increasing number of social media with some of them catering to specific interests, such as Goodreads (books) and Wattpad (free books).  Your different friends may well have different interests and so they inhabit different online worlds.  How can you make sure that you stay in touch with all your friends.  Even more, if you have not been in touch with some friends for years how can you ever find them again.

Connecting Everyone In One Place

The ideal would be of course if everyone agreed to use the same social media but the time for that has long passed.  Instead we must find a way of checking in on as many of the social media at once as we can.  Luckily there are some services which will attempt to do this.  One example of this is  Here are some of the services it offers:

  • Get all your social network updates and email messages simultaneously,
    and connect with people you can’t find anywhere else – over 700
    million profiles.
  • Find, edit, and monitor your public information for FREE
  • Share info across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn simultaneously
  • Search for people across all networks and public sources

It can even help you find people by area code or by other breakouts.

How are businesses coping with this confusing social media world

If individuals are finding it difficult to maintain contact with their limited number of friends, how much more difficult is it for businesses?

Customer relationship management or CRM  has received a great deal of attention with some fine systems set up such as those by, ActMaximizer and Goldmine. Once you have the coordinates for a given prospect or customer then these can be edited into the CRM software to ensure you maintain contact with them in the best possible way.

There still remains a problem in making sure you know how your prospects or customers are thinking.  Each may be living in their own social media world.  How can you have this rich data to be sure you know your customers well.  The creators of Goldmine have now developed a system, Nimble, that helps you do just that.

Have Your Networks, All In One Place

Unify all your contacts, calendars, conversations from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google. Monitor the most popular social networks from one screen, engage prospects, and build deeper relationships.

It aims to garner information on your prospects and customers as they reveal this on their various social media.  This certainly looks to be a most interesting approach.

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