BPWrap At A New Location

This SMM blog, BPWrap, after five years has moved to a new home. It had been located at a Cre8asite Forum’s subdomain (blog.cre8asite.net/bwelford) since it started in March 2004. At its inception for four days it was called BWrap. Almost instantly it was noted that the name was already in use, so the name was switched to BPWrap.

There are disadvantages in having such a complex URL as a location so finally it is now to be found at its new domain, www.BPWrap.com.

At the old location there is still an htaccess file which arranges a 301 permanent redirect to this new location. This maintained the search engine visibility throughout the switch and ensures continuing high rankings in keyword searches.

The only minor dissatisfaction is that the Google Toolbar PageRank indicator has not yet returned to the 4 or 5 level that has been seen recently. This visual indicator is not updated frequently so it may be a month or two before the correct value is showing.

If in your blog or your website, you linked to any of the BPWrap posts, it would be most helpful if you would ensure the correct URL is now showing. Visitors do not get lost in using the old URL but this will help confirm the switch with the search engines. We look forward to many more years of providing insights and revelations on the Internet marketing world from this new home.


A Search Engine Journal article, URL Structure: The Closer to the Root – the Better?, provides a pleasing confirmation of the wisdom of this move.