Some AdSense Ads Can Be As Big As You Want Them

The Adsense Blog notes that they are now Introducing expandable ads on AdSense sites. (Tip of the hat to Frank Reed)

We’re excited to introduce to you expandable ads, a new type of ad that can appear on your pages. Expandable ads are rich media ads that can expand beyond the original size of the ad unit, following a user-initiated action. This creates more real estate for the ad, allowing for more interaction from interested users. For instance, expandable ads may stream a movie trailer, show video game clips, or display various views of an item for sale.

Expandable ads will be served as third-party ads and will be created by Google-certified rich media vendors for the top display advertisers in our network. And like other Google ads, you’ll earn based on whether the expandable ads on your site are priced on a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) basis. Keep in mind that you’ll generate earnings from CPC expandable ads when a user visits the advertiser’s landing page, and not when a user simply clicks to expand the ad.

It seems a win/win situation since if you do not click on them, then they do not expand.  The only major criticism that Darren Rowse of Problogger seems to have is that they are not yet available in Australia.  Pity.

5 thoughts on “Some AdSense Ads Can Be As Big As You Want Them”

  1. I’ll like to see these expandable ads in action. I am planning to implement PPC ads on many of my blogs because they have enough traffic and good positions in Google so I’ll be looking at them.

  2. In a few past months, I have seen a lot of development in adsense ads. There are interest based ads available and now only those ads will be shown which would be match to your interest regardless of content on blogs. I haven’t seen expandable ads everywhere though.

  3. It would be very good to see those re sizeable ads.Many experiments are going around in Google INC .You must have heard about behavioural targetd ads.

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