E-mail Marketing In Tough Times

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. For some in the Real Estate business, trying a new approach in tough times involves using social media such as Facebook or writing a blog.  However all put extra emphasis on staying in touch through e-mail marketing.

Off line methods of marketing and promoting tend to involve significant cash budgets so Email Marketing is certainly A Wise Choice for Tough Times.

Email marketing offers many advantages over other types of advertising.

  • You can target your audience at a lower cost than, for example, print ads. Email is also a less expensive option than mass mailing.
  • It is easier to track your email marketing ROI (return on investment) than with other forms of advertising.
  • You can bring your message to the customer, instead of having to wait for them to pick up a magazine or visit a website in order to see your ad.

High Email Marketing ROI

In a study done by the Direct Marketing Association in 2007, advertisers achieved an ROI of $48.34 for every dollar spent and that has declined slightly in 2008 to $45.06.  It is still a much better investment than some other forms of advertising including catalogs which had an ROI of just over $7.00 in 2007.

Because email marketing has this high ROI with a relatively low cost, it is a good choice even for businesses that are cutting back on their marketing budget. That is even confirmed in Hong Kong where SMEs turn to email marketing in tough times.

Businesses with a small contact list of less than a thousand recipients can easily launch a DIY campaign with affordable, marketer-friendly "hosted" systems like Campaign Monitor or Constant Contact, which costs as little as US$0.01 per recipient and not worry about software license, hardware or deliverability.

Large corporations with hundreds of thousands of recipients and requiring data privacy or sophisticated integration would opt for "enterprise-level" proprietary solutions to carry out large scale, frequent campaigns.

In fact for any size of company it is important to have a good opt-in database of likely prospects.  By choosing the right e-mail database company, they can provide the most effective resources for all direct mail and telemarketing needs.  Lists can be tightly focused and can cover either say US businesses, or US consumers in a given regional area.

If tough times encourage companies to be using more effective methods such as e-mail marketing, then the resulting benefits will continue once the good times return.  It is one upside on having to endure and survive such difficult times.

10 thoughts on “E-mail Marketing In Tough Times”

  1. Email Marketing is important and it gives birth to many companies who are ready to provide you with long lists of email addresses But one should take care of quantity that quality .its good to email 10 serious people instead of emailing 1000

  2. I agree that email marketing is a low-cost marketing strategy. Small and big companies are using this tool quite a bit more these days. Personally, I’m fond of sending updates thru emails to all my friends and acquaintances. This way, we manage to keep in touch. 🙂

  3. Well of course email marketing has better results then catalogs. Seriously who uses catalogs these days? You can check anything you want on the internet along with the lowest price and customer reviews. Catalogs can’t beat that.

  4. in my opinion it is one of the best methods to achieve you ad campaign goals
    since it is a low cost marketing plan , also it is effective way to advertise about your products etc…

  5. I received an interesting email in my industry from an advertiser reminding people during the Great Depression Kellogg’s and Post were neck-in-neck for their industry. Kellogg’s kept marketing and Post stopped.

    Kellogg’s exited the downturn with an increased market share and it could be argued Post hasn’t recovered to this day.

    The only thing smarter (IMHO) then continuing to market during a downturn when your competition is pulling out is to market *smart*… that is measuring your ROI as mentioned above.

    Good luck to all in these interesting times; see it for what it is: opportunity.


  6. I agree with Florida, email marketing can be great and efficient, but having a good quality mailing list is definitely important to your success. Great article, marketing is ever-evolving.

  7. Agreed!

    The people that don’t get it (or any marketing) just carpet bomb. The really savvy ones (unfortunately it seems 10% or less of the businesses out there) realize they’d rather have a small group of loyal customers than millions of “quick to change horses” leads.

    Targeting is key; otherwise you’re just shouting in a noisy room saying, “me too; me too”.


  8. I agree that email marketing may be the easiest, cheapest form of marketing with the highest ROI. I think that nowadays, people are on their email so much, that it is really easy to reach them this way. However due to this, email marketing has increased, so people are becoming more picky about the emails that they open and that they actually read and click thru. That is why I think incorporating a Blog or other online medium is really effective in combination of email marketing. In this way you can still promote what you want to promote, but you are also encouraging a 2 way interaction, a dialogue, or even a community instead of just a 1 way email message.

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