The Physical Internet

If you think cyberspace is already mind-blowing, then Cherise Fong of CNN has news for you.  She is looking forward to the day when we all will be Internetting every thing, everywhere, all the time.

Vint Cerf, the original Internet evangelist, on the official Google blog has written, "If we can imagine it, there’s a good chance it can be programmed.  The Internet of the future will be suffused with software, information, data archives, and populated with devices, appliances, and people who are interacting with and through this rich fabric."

This will all be possible through the magic of RFID (Radio Frequency Identity) technology, which allows things to be "read" by an NFC (Near Field Communication) scanner, bar-code-style, as well as to store information about themselves and their relationship with their environment, over time.  The reason why RFID is often called next-generation bar code is that the technology is more accurate, scanners can read more objects with less directional contact, and smaller chips can contain a larger quantity of information.

That CNN article is a very worth-while read. Just think of putting a small chip on almost everything and from then on knowing where it is and what has happened to it. As is said, the possibilities are endless.

9 thoughts on “The Physical Internet”

  1. I can not imagine a world like that. Having Internet everywhere (and in my opinion it is already happening) is scary and would give me the feeling to be constantly in jeopardy due the hackers and theft identity without speaking about the feeling of being canstantly watched…something like Big Brother by Orson Wells

  2. There is a large opposition to RFID invading our lives, but it may not be large enough to stop it. What can be done to stop its invasive use, I wonder? Big Brother has been watching for a long time, since way before 1984 was even conceived.

  3. I don’t think it will be fine for everybody. We are not happy with this news. Now internet has been saturate If few are left they will be equipped very soon but this technology can brings more wrong result than good.

  4. I think having the internet everywhere would have its good points and bad points… these internet security companies will be swimming in the money! It’d be a lot riskier, but a much more quicker world… but is being quicker a bad thing?

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