Wow: that's really exponential

If you think viral marketing is something of recent years, then just check out the following video.

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That is from the 1970’s when Fabergé Organics was using this idea in promoting Honey & Wheat Germ Shampoo.  It was Fabergé and not Breck, as many people think, that was responsible for that famous phrase, "she told two friends".

I strongly believe that it is better to call this type of marketing exponential marketing rather than viral marketing.  That is the approach that eWORDofMOUTH offers to its customers in claiming that Word of Mouth Marketing Meets the Power of the Internet.  They claim to do this by combining Customer Referral Programs with Viral Email Marketing to grow the Customer Base EXPONENTIALLY (their capitals rather than mine).  However I believe their approach is sound.


Social media are clearly powerful vehicles for such exponential marketing.  You will often see the share icon shown at the left at the foot of a blog post or a video.  As the Share Icon Project web page suggests:
The Share Icon is becoming the de facto standard visual representation for sharing content from any source to multiple destinations: over email, to bookmark or memetracker sites, to your friends on social networks, and more every day.

It is certainly encouraging to see its wide acceptance.  Visually it reminds you to pass it to two people rather than just passing it to a single friend.  However I think they were perhaps too influenced by Fabergé.

Remember we are talking exponential marketing here.  Exponential marketing can have explosive results if you do it right.  You may have forgotten about the power of the exponent from your school days but this little table may remind you.

 Number of friends getting the message after 5 transfers

Number of friends told each time

Number of friends reached

Number of times more effective than with 2













This shows the number of friends who get the message if it has been passed on five times and each friend tells it to 2, 3, 4 or 5 friends in every case.  Of course not everyone will tell the maximum number but the results will be proportionate.  In other words if you encourage everyone to tell 5 friends, the message will reach almost 100 times more people than if you told them to pass it on to 2 friends.


I think everyone should be encouraged to pass on good news to more than two friends and perhaps the icon at the left is a better reminder.  Of course it cannot be called the share icon since that is already taken. Perhaps a better name would be the buzz icon.  I encourage you to use it on your posts and videos. Below you will find smaller versions of the image so you can use whichever is most appropriate.

If you do find the arguments persuasive and do use the icon, then please tell everyone you got it here.  .. and do not forget to call it exponential marketing.  It is powerful stuff.  Can you hear the buzz?



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  1. Perhaps we have all those new ideas from very beginning. People were doing them since very first day. Difference is, we have very fast media in these days which have boosted up all the procedure.

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