Lipstick on the Google Blogsearch Face

Google Blogsearch Has A New Face

Matt Cutts signals that Google Blogsearch now has a new home page.

More and more people are spending free time (and work time) online and lots of those people want to discover interesting things on the web. Google Blogsearch’s new home page applies that insight with a browsable version of what’s going on in the blogosphere. The UI design is a little reminiscent of Google News, but the new Blogsearch home page uses a lot of different code.

It’s great to see this new home page go live, because I’ve watched as the blogsearch team in New York pulled this together. Some people will compare it to Techmeme, but the sites are quite different.

The official Google Blog gives more details.

The home page tries to show what is of current interest and most of them today seem to be about Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential candidate. That is because the TV debate between her and Joe Biden, the Democratic vice presidential candidate, takes place this evening. Despite that, I too think this Blogsearch Home Page is a move in the right direction. Nevertheless I almost inevitably thought about Palin’s remark about lipstick on a pit bull.

Behind the scenes, the Blogsearch algorithm still seems to have its problems. A search for payday loan still has 4 results in the top ten that are Blogspot ‘nonsense’ blogs. Why the algorithm would think these collections of random words are relevant to a searcher’s interests is difficult to understand. It should be easier to correct the algorithm than it appears to be.

However perhaps Google is approaching it from a different direction. Search Engine Roundtable notes that Google AdSense Login Goes Down For Many Publishers. If these were all Blogspot blogs with made-for-AdSense posts consisting of random words then hopefully this will gradually eliminate them.

For another view on the ‘new’ Blogsearch see what Fred Wilson, A VC, has to say in Hacker News, Techmeme, and Google Blog Search. Mathew Ingram isn’t too impressed either.

2 thoughts on “Lipstick on the Google Blogsearch Face”

  1. The blogsearch update doesn’t seem to be all that, as you say it’s just a superficial change. Once you dig deeper into the search results, most of the pages haven’t changed one bit.

  2. I personally have loved Google this past month. They have released atleast 5 new things that I can think of off hand. Have you tried Google Insight Search? If not you need to! Talk about doing keyword research on a whole new level, a visual analytical level now. Add the new promotion/personalized voting system and Google Health and you’ve got one huge data mining search engine. What I’d give to have access to the tools Google has on the inside.

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