Microsoft Uses Marketing To Steal Market Share From Google

The trend in the search market had shown Google steadily stealing market share from Yahoo. Perhaps the latest data from Compete confirms that search is all about marketing and has very little to do with basic product quality.

Steve Willis of Compete reveals that the June Search Market Share shows a Big Surprise from MSN.
Search Market Shares

The latest search engine market share numbers for June have been released by Compete, and they show Google losing over four percentage points, almost entirely to Microsoft. Microsoft’s Windows Live Search is running a very successful Search Club promotion (more on that at InsideMicrosoft), and it’s costing Google and giving Microsoft a huge shot in the arm. According to Compete, Google dropped from 67% of the market to 62.7% from May to June, a drop larger than’s entire market share.

How much of that marketing-induced surge in MSN’s search share will stick will be the subject of much interest.

Tip of the hat to Nathan Weinberg

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