RIP DMOZ: 1998-2006

That’s the grim almost tombstone like pronouncement made by Rich Skrenta, DMOZ-founder, although no longer associated with it. He wrote a post entitled ‘DMOZ had 9 lives. Used up yet?‘ He catalogues the lives:

aka Open Directory Project
aka Netscape Open Directory
aka NewHoo
aka GnuHoo

It seems that operational problems at AOL, which now owns DMOZ, coupled with pressures from AOL’s unhappy parent, Time-Warner, mean that DMOZ is now on life-support.

It’s sad since so many editors have given freely and mightily of their time, each to make their own little corner as good as they could. However in total DMOZ was seen by many others as a monolithic organization that unfairly decided which websites should be recognized and which ignored. Now it seems to be slowly fading into obscurity. An apt quotation might be what T.S. Eliot wrote in The Hollow Men: “This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.”

Tip of the hat: Peter Da Vanzo

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  1. Thanks, Tamar, for pointing that out. While it may be nice to note that the crew is organizing the deck chairs on the after-deck, I still would like to hear from the captain of this Titanic what exactly is going on. 🙂

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