New Feature – Get Alerts To New Posts Via Feedblitz

Some of our readers may not find RSS newsfeeds and aggregators the best way for them to catch each new post on this blog. Feedblitz can send you an Email alert when a new post is added here. You can also use Feedblitz to give you an Email alert for other blogs that are important to you even if that blog does not use FeedBlitz itself. The service is free to all with no restrictions, no ads and no limits on the number of blogs you subscribe to.

For Email alerts on New Posts on this blog, enter your Email address below.

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2 thoughts on “New Feature – Get Alerts To New Posts Via Feedblitz”

  1. You might want to subscribe to your own newsletter. When I did this, I and found that FeedBlitz was not actually sending the emails to my readers.

  2. Hi, Brian, I’m somewhat surprised since I checked this with a number of different e-mail addresses and they all seemed to work. If you still have this problem, please comment again and I’ll look into it further.

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