Internet Marketing Strategies – An Idea Whose Time Has Come

It’s difficult not to write as everyone else today is doing about Danny Sullivan. He has announced that he is leaving Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Strategies. Barry Schwartz at SERoundTable has quite a slew of comments from most of the worthies in the SEO world. According to Danny Sullivan, he and Incisive Media could not reach a meeting of the minds, so divorce was inevitable. The kids will stay with Incisive Media, but it won’t at all be the same.

SEW and SES with Danny Sullivan stood way above the competition. Without Danny Sullivan, they will not have the same status at all. It becomes a level playing field. In such a situation, any one of a number of challengers could rise above the crowd. Indeed Danny Sullivan could start something new, if non-compete clauses do not prevent it. He could once more rise to the top, as cream is wont to do.

My own vision is that in this chaotic period some would stand back a little and see the bigger picture. SEO has a somewhat muddy aura, given the large number of charlatans selling impossible claims. The better SEO consultants know that the real objectives should be Internet traffic and sales. Even Search Engine Marketing is only a somewhat large slice of a bigger field. Perhaps Danny Sullivan or another could launch an Internet Marketing Strategies conference. Now that would have the biggest appeal of all.

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