The Coming Developer Wars

This is the title of an insightful article written by Robert Scoble, now Expert Author and previously something at Microsoft. I encourage you to go read the full article, but here are some titbits from it.

What are the common things developers all need?

  1. They need a freaking fast distribution platform.
  2. They need a s***load of storage space. Yes, that’s a technical term. : )
  3. They need an API.
  4. It needs to be cheap.

Apparently one such developer, Chandu Thota of Feedmap fame, may use Amazon’s S3 service to launch his venture. Scoble feels that the fact that one of its own engineers is feeling an impulse that can’t be satisfied on Microsoft’s own server farms is telling. And should be keeping Microsoft’s executives awake at night.

He then goes on to discuss the alternatives and comes up with the predictable choice. Go read the article to check you’re right.

Tags: Microsoft, developer