Who's Behind The One-Way Mirror?

Does your online store have one-way mirrors? There’s an excellent thread at the Cre8asite Forums on how to get more traffic to an online store using SEO. It leads naturally into the question of how to sell to visitors, once they’re in the online store.

So many online stores are really self-service stores. There’s no trace of who owns the store on the website. Just imagine if bricks-and-mortar stores were like that. The door swings open as you enter and you can see all the goods laid out on shelves. However there are no assistants and you’re not aware of anyone else in the store. You wander the aisles, select the product you were looking for and head for the cash. The cash is again self-service so you key in your information and depart. Presumably someone may have watched you through a one-way mirror or a hidden camera, but how would you know?

Do you think such a physical store would do as well as the more traditional store with human assistants? I think the answer is very clear. None of us like to be in a space where others are presumably watching via one-way mirrors or using hidden cameras. It’s decidedly uncomfortable. The advantage of a human presence is that they can also make the human connection that helps to make the sale happen. It’s often been said that a salesperson must sell themselves first and then they sell the product.

Unfortunately many online stores give us no indication of who is selling to us. It’s self-service. However if we think about it, we know that our every move is known to the store owners. It’s as if there was a one-way mirror or a hidden camera. The chances of a sale are being cut drastically. It’s much better by far that the online store shows very visibly who is the owner and makes it easy to contact them. People selling to people: a formula for success.

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