Swimming Against The Flow

This week saw a redesign of the New York Times Online with a somewhat mixed reception. Back in February, the Canadian Globe and Mail Online was redesigned with somewhat more enthusiastic reader reaction. Both are going with the flow and are good examples of the pluses and the minuses. More and more of the audience look to the Internet for their daily news so that’s a plus. However designing a good user experience online is much more challenging, given the variety of browsers and devices ‘out there’.

You might assume that anything dealing with Internet matters should naturally appear on the Internet.

Search Marketing Standard

However Search Marketing Standard is about to appear on the streets in ten days or so. You can still get a free subscription if you live in the USA up to April 30th. Clearly with physical media such as this, the publisher can control exactly what you see. That’s a great plus. However somehow he must get this in front of your eye balls. There’s the real challenge in these bustling times. Nevertheless best wishes to the publisher. Good swimming.

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