Cross-browser Device Assessment Panel (CDAP)

browser, diverse devices: that’s the goal.

Cre8asite Forums has created a new Forum called the Cross-browser Device Assessment Panel or CDAP for short.

If you are aware of what is happening on the Internet, then you probably are not surprised to see this. The Mozilla Firefox browser and others are beginning to cut away at Microsoft’s quasi-monopoly with its Internet Explorer browser. More devices are being used to stay in touch with the Internet. Some are still using desktops, but everywhere you turn people are also using mobile devices. When you inform Google of the web pages in your website using their Sitemap process, they even ask whether the web pages are for mobile devices or for regular desktops. How can the poor web designer make sure that the website created for their client will give a satisfactory viewing experience to most visitors?

The most practical test is to get feedback from visitors who are using different browsers and devices. This new CDAP will provide exactly that. The Cre8asite Forums have a rich diversity of experts from around the world. They use a variety of browsers and devices. So a website designer can get an assessment of how robust the website design is for his diverse audience. The Cross-browser Device Assessment Panel provides a wealth of information on the issues involved as well as informed assessments of the websites submitted. At the same time, it will sensitize web designers in general to the increasing complexity of the Internet world.

For more details, you can check out the Press Release on that: it’s called New Panel Curbs Web Babel at Cre8asite Forums.

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  1. Sure, I tend to just check my sites on IE, firefox and will add chrome to that list if it gets a bit bigger. I have never developed anything for a mobile device, but I imagine it could get pretty difficult to fell confident across all possibilities if you do.

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