Have You Got Your Microsoft Swish?

What’s the very smallest and most subtle status symbol you might have? Status symbols usually are linked to bigness – Diamonds, Rolls Royces, Yachts and so on. However I believe there’s a new one coming along that everyone will want.

You’ll only be in on the news if you are one of those keen souls who wanted to be the first on the block to check out the latest version of Internet Explorer Version 7, now available in Beta 2 Preview. There’s many new features here, but one particularly interesting one is that the browser will display RSS Newsfeeds. These are special files that indicate what news items are available with small snippets to indicate the content. They originated with the news media as they alerted their media brethren that they had news. Now they’re widely used by blogs and can be used by any other website that has news and associated new web pages.

What is really neat is that when you visit a new website, the IE v.7 browser will give a small ‘swish’ sound if there is a newsfeed associated with the website. That I believe is the new status symbol. Your website should create that ‘swish’ when visited.

Any successful website is always expanding and improving. If nothing changes, why would anyone ever come back a second time. If it’s expanding, then why not tell the world about it with a newsfeed. So to be successful your website will need that ‘swish’.

In a sense, this means that websites or at least parts of them have to become more bloggish. A current example of that is globeandmail.com, the newly redesigned on-line version of the Globe and Mail. Some visitors are complaining that it’s more like a blog than a website. Well I think its ‘swish’ is a sign of the times.

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3 thoughts on “Have You Got Your Microsoft Swish?”

  1. Imagine that…the sound of a swish being considered a status symbol. I don’t see that it’s all that relevant since a lot of people don’t even have their volume turned up when they are online. Most of the time for business purposes, the visual is more important than the audio. Just my personal opinion.

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