The Internet Tidal Wave

Bill Gates wrote a paper titled The Internet Tidal Wave in 1995. It’s a concept that’s been used quite extensively since then. In more recent years, a more frequently seen title is The 21st Century Internet Tidal Wave. That’s a presentation made by Vint Cerf in a whole series of places going back at least to the year 2000.

Vint Cerf is the chairperson of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). That is the non-profit corporation that oversees domain names such as .com and .ca. It’s based in California and Mr. Cerf is in Vancouver this week. He is raising with other ICANN members how those who are not involved with the Internet tidal wave in less developed economies can start to gain the benefits.

Internet tidal wave: perhaps tsunami is better.

He expanded on the Internet Tidal Wave theme in an interview in the Vancouver Sun. As he pointed out there are currently estimated to be one billion users of the Internet. There are also two billion owners of mobile communication devices, which in the past have not been linked to the Internet. More and more of these will become Internet-linked. Other devices will also become linked in such as set-top boxes, household appliances, automobiles and in many cases also participating in GPS (global positioning systems). Tidal wave seems modest as a descriptor of what will be happening. Tsunami probably captures the likely impacts better. Any company should carefully examine its strategy to ensure it can ride this Internet tidal wave.

Vint Cerf is now in a good position to help this wave. He joined Google on September 8th this year. He has the title Chief Internet Evangelist.

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2 thoughts on “The Internet Tidal Wave”

  1. are people realy using mobile devices to browse the internet? According to my stats at my own website, i have never had a visitor from any one with a mobile device.

    It is inevitable that all our household gear will be linked in one big mega hub.. Technology is already almost like that, the tv and cable boxes in the UK are controlled by the same people as the internet providers and they almost all come through the same wire into my home.

    good read btw 😉

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