The Button Of Doom

The Button of Doom – sounds ominous. Well, it’s meant to be. No, it isn’t some new feature in the latest version of that popular computer game, Doom, now into Version Doom3.

Nor are we talking about the way Jared Spool uses this term for the ‘Back’ button on your computer. He rightly feels that if a web page forces you to use the ‘Back’ button, then there is a good chance that many visitors won’t get it right. if you wanted to keep that visitor on your website, you may well have offered instead the ‘Button of Doom’.

No, here we’re talking about something much more evil. It looks so innocent, but we’re talking here about that Snooze Button on your alarm clock. Some people jump out of bed eager to get to the excitement, the challenges and the good experiences they’re hoping for during the day. Others automatically hit the Snooze Button for another 10 minutes of dozing. .. and again. .. and again. Procrastination – for some people it’s almost like an addiction. How dreadful and how insidious. The inventor of the Snooze Button knew what he or she was doing. Feed the addiction when people are only half awake.

There has been one attempt to reduce the impact of the addiction. You’ll find that in an article on “Snooze button addicts defeated by runaway clock“. If you want to go that route, here’s a summary of what is on offer:

After you hit the snooze button, the contraption rolls off the bedside table and zooms away on a set of wheels to some other part of the room, finding a new hiding place every day.

I think this is all being taken too lightly.

The Snooze Button is really the Button of Doom. It goes entirely against the principles set out by Dave Allen of the Get Things Done company. You should decide when you’re going to do something and then do it. I like the quote by Jason Womack on the GTD website:

What do you mean it takes more energy to hit the snooze alarm?’ someone asked recently. When I learned about the importance of making and keeping agreements, I stopped hitting the snooze button on my life-alarm clock.

That’s more like it. Let’s take this Button of Doom seriously.

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