GTD – Great Title Discussion

I note that David Allen has had to give a Heads up for “GTD” promoters. As he says there,

If you’re using “GTD” and its implicit association with me and the David Allen Company, for personal or enterprise economic gain, that’s a no-no. You can expect some version of “cease and desist” coming your way.

That’s of course, GTD as in “Getting Things Done”, for both of which David Allen has US trademarks.

For some reason, the acronym GTD has a certain appeal. On the Internet, you’ll easily find the Genomic Threading Database or GTD Telecommunications Inc. or the Japanese Global Technology Design, Inc. GTD is also a US trademark for a number of other varied products such as medical devices for cardiology mapping, rotary and sheet-fed printing presses, bit-brace tools and bolt-cutters among others.

Here in Canada GTD has only been trademarked for some of these other goods and is not trademarked for “Getting Things Done”. However I would hope the concept would not be plagiarised since David Allen certainly deserves all the credit for pushing this great idea. Just the title alone gets your head moving in the right direction. It’s like some other great book titles that almost tell you what they’re all about. Just think about Permission Marketing, or Don’t Make Me Think, or The Long Tail.

There are some other very short phrases that have the same impact:

  • You can never jump into the same river twice – Heraclitus
  • Help is defined by the recipient – Peter Drucker
  • Focus, focus, focus. Peter Drucker
  • All of these, like GTD, can have a powerful effect on how you perform. So it was good to see David Allen’s words of encouragement:

    If you’re spreading and promoting the GTD methods and techniques from a personal standpoint, because you just care about the value of the information and want to share it with others, I’m in full support of that.

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