I'm Blogging For Myself, But Do You Really Want To Hear?

I was very struck by an insightful blog posting by Evelyn Rodriguez called “The Conversations We Aren’t Having“. She is so right. Sometimes we’re never sure the other party wants to hear what we would like to say so we don’t say it.

Blogging isn’t a conversation. It may turn into a conversation but it starts as a monologue. The sincere blogger makes the blog post because he or she cares enough about some topic. Others may read it but no one may choose to comment. That doesn’t mean it was a failed blog post. Others may still be affected or intrigued or amused. But the nature of blogging doesn’t demand a comment or response. A blogger is a little like those orators who stand on their small stands at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, London, and spout away. The blogger stands above the crowd a little.

Normally if there are taboo subjects, most folk will not choose to make a blog post about them. They’re not appropriate for a monologue for most of us. If we are to get into a discussion about them, it almost requires that the other party says “I’m OK if you want to talk about that.” With such a receptivity, then perhaps hesitantly the subject can be opened up by the person who wished to talk about it. However here we’re dealing with communication between individuals at the same level. The very public nature of Blogging makes it an inappropriate vehicle for such conversations. Other processes like Chat Rooms or Forums seem more likely to encourage broader discussions on these more difficult taboo subjects. It’s just another example of how that Long Tail phrase seems to capture what is really going on..

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