There's truth in them there blogs!

Marketing people sometimes seem to believe their own hype too easily. That’s what you might take from a recent blog entry, When Fortune Mag and Ad Folks Gush About Business Blogs. Can it really be true that Corporate Blogs will get folk on the outside to believe more in what the company is saying?

It’s obviously a gutsy thing to allow everyone to see what the world is saying to you. However probably 95% or more of readers will do as is suggested. They’ll spot what is good and valuable in what is written. They’ll also disregard the bad and worthless comments that may appear in the blog flow. For that very small minority who take the worthless comments at face value, perhaps the blog will have a negative effect on their perception of the company. But, for the 95% who disregard the worthless comments, there isn’t a better mechanism to give them a strong appreciation of the company. So perhaps the odds are very much in the company’s favour.