Happy 2nd birthday, Cre8asite Forums

At the end of August, Cre8asite Forums will have its second birthday. In a field where there’s fast growing competition all the time, that’s quite an achievement. 1 Dog year is equivalent to 7 human years. I have it on good authority that 1 Forum year is equivalent to 11 human years (in fact my dog, Sherri, ESP’d me this factoid). So we see that the Cre8asite Forums are in their prime.

Certainly visitors to the Forums are always most complimentary about what the Forums offer. However is there some more scientific measure of what they are achieving. Well what could be more scientific than how the major Search Engines rate the Forums in their SERP’s, relative to the rest of the “pack”.

On the whole business of SEO and SEM, we see the following results.
< (*) indicates a reference to Cre8asite.>

search engine forums – G #10 – Y! #11(*) – MSN #10(*)
google forums – G #17 – Y! #10 – MSN #9
yahoo forums – G #20 – Y! #21 – MSN #21

So Cre8asite is well up with the pack on this. However Cre8asite covers much more than just SEO/SEM. It deals with what some call ‘Holistic Marketing’. Indeed it also has many owners of non-commercial websites among its devotees. The Search Engines seem to confirm that Cre8asite is achieving its mission with the following searches:

better websites forums – G #3 – Y! #7 – MSN #7

Another key feature of Cre8asite is that it tends to be “on the ball” with topical issues. Just see how it rates on a recent hot topic.

sempo thread forums – G #3(*) – Y! #8 – MSN #5

Clearly Cre8asite is up with the leaders of the pack here. Nevertheless if you look for one aspect of Cre8asite that puts it ahead of the pack, then see what the Search Engines would suggest.

welcoming friendly website forums – G #4 – Y! #7 – MSN #7