Searching For The Flavour Stack

flavor stack com

A new program from Your Inspiration At Home, the fast-growing Australian flavour products company illustrates the difficulties you can sometimes run into when so many use Google to find information. The new program involves a new website titled The Flavour Stack. You might guess the problem is the difference between the Australian spelling of flavour and the US spelling of flavor. However the problem is much larger than that largely because of the way Google suggests new searches that you might be looking for.

The problem is compounded because other people may well try to benefit from the possible traffic that such a new successful website might generate. So it is no surprise to find that if you mistakenly look for instead of you may well end up at the wrong place.  Here is what you will see at the website.

flavor stack com

This domain was only created on October 28 of this year.  Clearly someone hopes to profit from this particular domain, although as yet they have not begun to invest in the needed effort to make that happen.

You can see that it is generating little visibility as yet if you do a Google search for it. The image below shows what you get.

google flavorstack comApparently the new Your Inspiration At Home Flavour Stack website has not developed sufficient visibility in Google to outrank So Google suggests you may be looking for what appears below, which is the Flavor Shack website. This has been around since 2012 so presumably it may come out of this maintenance phase at some point in the future.

the flavor shack

One final footnote on these flavour-related searches is that another site which often ranks highly is the Stacks Of Flavour website. As you can see from the image below, this is an entirely different type of stack.

stacks of flavour co uk