Searching For The Flavour Stack

A new program from Your Inspiration At Home, the fast-growing Australian flavour products company illustrates the difficulties you can sometimes run into when so many use Google to find information. The new program involves a new website titled The Flavour Stack. You might guess the problem is the difference between the Australian spelling of flavour and the US spelling of flavor. However the problem is much larger than that largely because of the way Google suggests new searches that you might be looking for. Continue reading “Searching For The Flavour Stack”

Google Requires Mobile-Friendly Websites – Does Yours Comply?

cellphoneWith the world becoming more mobile, Google has made it a requirement that all websites be mobile user friendly. This means that your website must be accessible by any mobile device that has Internet connectivity capabilities. This does not mean that you have to construct an entirely new website; a copy of your existing website can be made for mobile users with a few modifications to ensure that it functions properly. Continue reading “Google Requires Mobile-Friendly Websites – Does Yours Comply?”

The Real Reason Google Dropped Authorship in SERPs

barry schwartzIf you have been watching the search results from Google over the past few months, you may have noticed a somewhat surprising change. Early this year you would often have seen a small picture of the author under any article in the list. Very rapidly, if you knew that author, you would know whether the article was likely to be useful. Continue reading “The Real Reason Google Dropped Authorship in SERPs”

Mobile Search Is Often Local Search

local searchWhile many businesses are using SEO services to get their name out there, they are only optimizing their business potential partially. Search done on your mobile device will often be done as a local search since that is what most users want. Local SEO services are an important way to make sure that locals are finding your website and your business when they do an online search. Continue reading “Mobile Search Is Often Local Search”

How to Optimize for Search on Facebook and YouTube

searchingThis article is contributed by Emma-Julie Fox.

There used to be a time when search engines and social networking sites had completely different purposes. Search engines were used to find relevant information whereas social networking sites were used to interact with family and friends from all over the world. These days, social media has expanded its reach such that it now serves search purposes as well. Continue reading “How to Optimize for Search on Facebook and YouTube”

The Grass Is Greener on Your Side – Staying Relevant With Backlinks

targeted links in

This article is contributed by Thomas McMahon.

A major part of inbound marketing to your website is obtaining backlinks that point towards your site by active link building. There are thousands of places on the internet that will tell you how to build links, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide how you’ll go about gaining backlinks in order to drive natural traffic to your site, but also to improve your search rankings. Continue reading “The Grass Is Greener on Your Side – Staying Relevant With Backlinks”

The Dead Backlinking Method

chrome check my links plugin

This article is contributed by Sophie Eagan.

The dead backlinking method is probably news to quite a lot of people, and indeed I have only just come across it. This is why I would like to share it with you all. The method itself has been around since the beginning of the Internet.  I would like to share this with you as in a way it is a form of guest posting but a great deal easier. Continue reading “The Dead Backlinking Method”

5 Tips To Strengthen Your Law Firm’s Online Presence

old style lawyer

This article is contributed by Celina Rodger.

The days when law firms and agencies in similar niches could advertise exclusively via posters in the bus stop or the Sunday newspapers are long gone. Nowadays, lawyers require a lot more publicity to keep ahead of the competition and land those hefty contracts than they ever did before.

This is why the legal firm’s online presence is crucial for its survival and profitability. However, you cannot simply upload a half-baked website that includes minimalistic information and contact details and expect the traffic and prospects to start pouring in. Let’s examine the most important steps in SEO for legal agencies. Continue reading “5 Tips To Strengthen Your Law Firm’s Online Presence”

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Flash to Build a Website

intel flash website

This article is contributed by Robert Fisher.

Have you decided to use Flash to build your website? If yes, you should rethink and change your decision. It is true that Flash based websites are really attractive and cute.  See the examples to the right and below of what is possible.  if you are planning to build a heavily animated website or one that offers many online games, then it is OK to use Flash. But, if you are building a website to improve your business by increasing traffic to your site, then Flash is not the right choice. Continue reading “4 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Flash to Build a Website”

WordPress Plug-ins for More Effective SEO

This article is contributed by Steven Boggs.

wordpress logo

The WordPress content management system (CMS) gives its users access to an unprecedented array of site construction, expansion and maintenance tools. With these, attached to a hosting account and private domain, almost anyone can create an awesome, high quality website of varying complexity in no time flat and with little or no programming knowledge. Continue reading “WordPress Plug-ins for More Effective SEO”