Fire safety is for everyone

fire fighting

In most cities and communities, residents rely solely on their fire department in order to be sure they are safe from fires. Whenever they are needed, these firemen, in both paid and volunteer departments, drop what they’re doing and run to the fire trucks to take care of people and their property when disaster strikes a home, business, or vehicle. While knowing that firemen are there to help in a time of need is great for your sense of security, one thing that is even better is knowing that your space is as fire safe as possible.

Many of the steps to preventing fires at your home or business are incredibly simple, but they are also things that are very easy to overlook. According to news sources, some of the most destructive fires start in the kitchen, and they tend to come from overheated grease or pans on the stove. This simple solution is to just be sure to stay beside what you are cooking at all times, and to make sure that your stove is off when it is not in use.

During winter months, heaters are a leading cause of house fires. Space heaters can be dangerous. If you plan to use a space heater during a cold day or night, make sure to follow all instructions printed on the heater. Keep it clear of draperies, furniture, and other household objects. Also, keep it away from children who might place items into it.

Also, the easiest way to prevent electrical fires is to pay attention to the power cords on all electric objects and appliances in your home. Replace worn or frayed cords immediately. If you suspect there could be an electrical issue in your home, have a licensed electrician take a look at it immediately.

A final tip for families and employees is meet with a fire trainer. This person can help you formulate a fire escape plan. From there, make sure everyone in the home, office, or building practices it at least quarterly. Make sure the smoke detectors are operational with fresh batteries at least once a year, and designate someone to be in charge of gathering everyone in the home or in a section of offices together should an evacuation be needed. Making sure everyone knows what to do in case of a fire is potentially the most important thing you can do to ensure the safety of all involved.