SMM has a number of online websites where display ads or text link ads can be displayed. All have high quality articles and content that ranks well in Google keyword searches and generates targeted visitor traffic. All websites are mobile friendly and display well in smartphones (iPhone and Android).

Channel Ads

post it note on smm ads

Display ads are sold by either of two channels so that the same ad will appear in the same position (banner header, sidebar or footer) on all websites in the particular channel. Such ads can be purchased for up to 12 months with significant discounts for longer periods.

The Business Blogs channel contains the following blogs:

  • BPWrap – Online Business and Internet Marketing from a global perspective – started March 2004
  • The Other Bloke’s Blog – Online Business and Internet Marketing from a Canadian perspective – started February 2005
  • the SMM BC website blog – Internet Marketing strategy and the Mobile Web.

The Seniors Blogs channel contains the following blogs and more will be added:

  • Senior Health Memos – The latest on health, wellness and aging for seniors – started August 2011
  • Senior Jobs Memos – News and advice on how to spend the second half of your life – started August 2012

The Ads Rate Card shows the most popular formats of these ads but other formats can be considered to meet your needs. For a copy of the Ads Rate Card, please contact us at

In post content Ads

Text ads and display ads can also be bought within the content of individual web pages (blog posts). Again the Ad Rate Card shows the possible formats for such ads.

Full details on the Ad channels and the SMM websites and on advertising terms and conditions can be seen in the following PDF article, Advertising Opportunities.