Fire safety is for everyone

In most cities and communities, residents rely solely on their fire department in order to be sure they are safe from fires. Whenever they are needed, these firemen, in both paid and volunteer departments, drop what they’re doing and run to the fire trucks to take care of people and their property when disaster strikes a home, business, or vehicle. While knowing that firemen are there to help in a time of need is great for your sense of security, one thing that is even better is knowing that your space is as fire safe as possible. Continue reading “Fire safety is for everyone”

Are We There Yet

feeding the dvd
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Keeping everyone entertained on a long car trip can be difficult. Not everyone is going to be able to read a book or fall asleep while the car is in motion. The good news is that you can put a DVD player in your car that can play movies or video games to give your back-seat passengers something to do while on the road. Continue reading “Are We There Yet”

How To Fundraise Online – How I Raised £1,700 In Three Months

marathonThis article is contributed by Allen Peters.

For a long time I had wanted to run the London Marathon. It seemed like a great challenge, a great thing to say that I’d accomplished and a fun and historic event to be a part of.

The only flaw in my plan was the fact that it was so difficult to actually get a place. So many apply to run the Marathon each year, that most people would apply multiple times and still not get accepted. If you apply and get refused four times in a row then you get a place automatically, but that’s assuming that you haven’t given up on the idea after the second attempt… as I did. Continue reading “How To Fundraise Online – How I Raised £1,700 In Three Months”

Life Hack – How To Make Jewellery With The Internet

jewellery on the rocksThis article is contributed by Ryan Hall.

The most impressive feature of the web is its ability to level the playing field, to give the general public a voice and create tools for new startups to compete with huge businesses. This is the ultimate tool for self-expression and for democracy, and puts incredibly powerful tools in the hands of everyone around the world. Continue reading “Life Hack – How To Make Jewellery With The Internet”

Freelancing Online: 5 Bad Habits That Cost You Time and Money

This article is contributed by Tom Koh.

If you freelance online, you are probably familiar with the many perks of the job. You get to work your own hours, work those hours wherever you want and you never have to force a single smile as all of your clients are on the other side of the world. It seems to me that the only downside of the job is that when you daydream, you don’t get paid. Continue reading “Freelancing Online: 5 Bad Habits That Cost You Time and Money”