Designing Websites That Perform

A website is not something that should merely be seen like a sculpture without any objective to influence potential prospects to take appropriate actions. Instead it should be a website that performs.

To do that it must have strengths in a number of areas. The following lists some of the more important:

  • Immediate visual impact
  • Visibility in the search engines for appropriate key words
  • Good usability so that visitors easily navigate the website to find what they need
  • Persuadability so that visitors take appropriate actions moving them towards purchasing
  • Credibility so that visitors feel a sense of trust in the company.

These features must be considered in designing the website: they cannot be added later.

To do this requires a particular kind of web design company that has all the necessary skills. An example of such a company is Primeview, which provides full services for arizona web design. That includes a strong emphasis on arizona seo, since this is critical in ensuring high website traffic.

Although search engines work particularly with the text content of websites, that does not imply a drabness for the websites created as you can see from Primeview’s cool before and after gallery. If you are in Arizona, this would certainly be a company worth reviewing if you are looking for full service web design that will create a website that will help you achieve your business goals.

4 thoughts on “Designing Websites That Perform”

  1. You are exactly right – designing a website that not only looks good but also performs well is really the modern challenge of webdesign. There was a time when a good looking website is all you needed in order to appear professional, but that was in what we now refer to as the early days of the internet and ecommerce. Now, it really takes a lot of work and foresight to create a high performing website.

  2. Yes websites need to have elements for search engine friendliness to them but they also need to have great design and branding elements as well. That is what holds onto the website visitor.

  3. “Good usability” – this is especialy important. If you clutter the site with ads and unnecesary plugins you’re not going to attract anyone. Readers will be like “what the hell is going on here? I don’t know what’s all that about, I better leave”. Clean and neat designs always win.

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