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Exponential marketing is another way of describing viral marketing.  It brings out more strongly that each person in the chain of communication passes on the word to several other people.  In a way it has similarities with MLM – multi-level marketing. 

A meme is a new word created to describe a catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person via the Internet.  This works because each person is encouraged to tag as many people as possible and ask them to spread the word.   Like MLM, the meme process can occasionally run out of people to whom to pass the word but in its early stages it can be very effective.

There is one on the go at the moment to publicize the IM Spring Break.  This is a conference put on by IMBroadcast.com, the first video sharing site strictly for the Internet Marketing community.  It was founded by three Internet Marketers, Loren Baker, Jordan Kasteler, and Dave Snyder.

On their blog, they describe a contest involving a meme, whereby the winner will get free attendance at the conference.  The winner will be the person getting the most involvement in the meme-spreading as mentioned by pingbacks to their blog post.  The blog post should list the 7 things you think will happen at IM Spring Break with emphasis on news-worthiness.

Alysson Fergison (aka SEOaly) hopes to be that winner and she tagged among others  David Leonhardt of The Happy Guy Marketing.  He in turn has included me as one of his tags.

I must admit it sounds to be a very amiable event with a really good crowd. Just see some of the attendees: Loren Baker, Jordan Kasteler, Dave Snyder, Chris Winfield, Rae Hoffman, Greg Finn, Kenny Hyder, Steve Plunkett, Zaibatsu (Reg Sadler), Neal Rodriguez, Brent Csutoras, Todd Malicoat, and Jeff Quipp.  With such participants, one might question what will not happen at this IM Spring Break.  Rae Hoffman is even discussing NDA so perhaps what goes on at the Hilton Deerfield Beach will stay there in the spirit of Non-disclosure.

Perhaps those I tag for the meme will be more creative on 7 things that will occur.  I’m tagging via their Twitter presences Ruud Hein, Donna Fontenot and Peter Meyers.  After all we have got to do our best to get SEOaly to that Break for the mud-wrestling event.

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  1. you need at least some level of popularity to get your meme going, or at least have the ability to get the word out to someone who does have a lot of followers. otherwise it can stall. but all it takes is that one person with the right connections and it can take off like a rickroll.

  2. I truely believe in viral marketing, or Meme in this case, but I totally agree with Frank TheTank (great name btw 😉 ), that you need a certain level of popularity and credibility before this actually works.

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