RSS News Feeds Awareness Day, May 1

RSS news feeds ping on May 1

Spread the word, it’s RSS News Feeds Awareness Day. Although the International Labor Organization may currently be the biggest group celebrating May 1, that could change. Perhaps Daniel Scocco had forgotten about the ILO in coming up with the idea of designating May 1 as RSS Awareness Day. However given that RSS newsfeeds unleash the communicating power of the Internet, the word can spread very fast. I learned about this from the RSS news feed of Andy Beard, who had blogged about it. As we all tell our readers about it, then the momentum becomes unstoppable.

RSS news feeds have been around for many years. It’s the fastest way to be aware of what the BBC or CNN is reporting on. In order to subscribe to the RSS feeds of such favorite sites, all you need is an RSS reader. Here are three web-based and free RSS readers that you can use. All work well and it’s a question of what works best for you:

Once you have your RSS reader working you can just head to your favorite website and subscribe by clicking on the RSS icon.

RSS Awareness Day
Courtesy Andy Beard

Another important way of staying on top of breaking news is with Google Blogsearch. It went through a rough spot during recent months but it’s now back functioning well to alert you to Hot News Items. That too is relying on RSS news feeds. All in all, it’s good to be aware of the power of RSS news feeds. If making May 1 RSS News Feeds Awareness Day can help spread the message, then let’s all ping away.

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5 thoughts on “RSS News Feeds Awareness Day, May 1”

  1. RSS feeds are really good since they are concise. But now of days they are including RSS ads @.@ Beats the purpose of RSS. Oh well.. Everything needs evolution right. Anyway happy RSS day =D

  2. RSS feeds are made to make life a lot easier and it delivers just that. But the use of it these days seem to be for unnecessary things. Anyway, great post, cheers.

  3. We just had a very successful launch of a new advertising service, and we owe a lot of the initial success to a few bloggers with high RSS subscriber counts. No complaints here!

  4. I prefer to use web based feed reader, It is suitable because I can use my web based feed reader from anywhere, and there is no need to install anything.

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