Google BlogSearch, The Neglected Orphan

For another blog post I was writing, I checked out a possible title in Google BlogSearch as I often do. The proposed title was Microsoft Matches Google In Voice Mobile Search. What struck me were the following items, which appeared at positions 8, 9 and 10 in the report.


Items 11 and 12 were very similar to these three. How could Google, which prides itself on its search algorithms, possibly present results that were clearly meaningless. To add insult to injury, these items were created with the free Blogger blogging software offered by Google since they all are located on the Blogspot domain.

This is not the first time I have seen such nonsense items in BlogSearch searches. Given their pharmaceutical content, they are clearly an attempt to derive revenues from Google Adsense and serve no other purpose. You might have thought it would not be difficult to work on the Google BlogSearch algorithm to avoid these definitely sub par results.

So why does it happen? Perhaps since BlogSearch does not produce revenues, it does not get corporate attention. It doesn’t even make it to the main Search page. You have to click on More before you’ll see the link. That’s a great pity. RSS news feeds are an important part of the online world and it would be useful to have a search facility that performs well. It’s also surprising that Google leaves such a sign of inferior quality for all to see.

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