Help is defined by the recipient

help is defined by the recipientPeter Drucker, perhaps the wisest management consultant ever, coined the phrase shown in the image to the right almost 50 years ago. If you are offering help to someone, it is only help if they acknowledge that it is useful to them. If someone has not asked for help, you should tread very carefully before offering any. Very often someone is not asking for help because they don’t believe they need help. When you offer help in that situation, the recipient may become angry that you are criticizing the way they are doing things.

The situation is completely reversed if someone is actively looking for help. There will be no resentment but it is still they who will define whether the help is helpful. If someone has bought an expensive piece of equipment, then any help they may need should fully meet their expectations. If you are the supplier, this is a golden opportunity to turn that customer into an evangelist for your product if the help service matches the excellent qualities of the product.

Being able to provide top-notch help does not happen without some effort. Your help line people must be trained and they must have the communications and information technology resources they need to do a good job. This is where a Zoho Help Desk can help your people deliver unmatched customer support that builds lasting relationships.

The software streamlines help desk operations resulting both in reduced response times and in reduced ticket loads for your agents. You can work with connected customers and deliver first-class support whichever channel they choose to use – email, web, phone, forums, customer portal, Twitter or Facebook. You can also reduce your ticket load with an intuitive customer self-service portal. This is customer relationship management as it is meant to be. Providing the help in exactly the way the customer prefers.

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  1. Today when one needs help it is great to find so much on the Internet. Such as the great tips you deliver in this article!

  2. Nice to be able to help someone, but as you say it is never easy to know when the person wants help. Better be careful.

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