A Good Reputation Is Critical For A Successful Leader

The Nature of Leadership

To be a successful leader, it is important to understand what that entails.  You might assume that reading a book with that title by an eminent author such as Stephen Covey would provide the answer.  However a review of that book by one customer runs as follows:

What an incredible adventure for the mind and the eye.  The pictures enhance the concept of leadership and the concept of leadership enhances the meaning within the pictures.

That enigmatic book perhaps illustrates the difficulty of defining what makes a successful leader.  We all know a successful leader when we see one.  A short definition is someone who others wish to follow and get involved in helping achieve the leader’s goals.

How Reputation Helps

One important aspect of this is spelled out in a keynote speech that Jim Murren, chief executive of MGM Resorts gave at the Southern Gaming Summit.   He emphasized that reputation and integrity are critical to being a successful leader.  In his successful company of 62,000 employees the core values include things like diversity, community and philanthropy.  With such leadership, his company was able to overcome some big obstacles in recent years, including Hurricane Katrina, the national recession and the near bankruptcy of the gigantic City Center Resort in Las Vegas.

Vigilance About That Reputation

It’s not a question of achieving a reputation of successful leadership and then resting on your laurels.  It’s an ongoing process that requires enduring effort.  Even then, there will be occasions where things do not turn out as one would wish.  The unexpected can happen and we are all human.

Sometimes we may not even be aware of damaging incidents. Unfortunately the Internet has brought incredible visibility to anyone who wishes to use Twitter or Facebook to spread their concerns.  That is where a service such as reputationdefender can be invaluable as a company’s radar screen on any allusions, good or bad, about the company.

It is often said that bad news travels 10 times as fast as good news and it certainly seems to be true.  The earlier one is able to counter false accusations, the more likely it is that the truth will reign.