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Li Evans tagged me in a meme on what magazines I read. Like many others I really don’t get involved in memes, but here I am again. It got me thinking on memes and why they don’t die almost as soon as they’re born.

In some ways, a meme is a small-scale simulation of the bigger social media such as Digg or Reddit or Myspace or Facebook. If the group involved or who might become involved looks interesting, then you decide to invest the time to become part of it. A meme has to have a slightly greater USP since it clearly is of limited life. However someone you know asked you to be part of it so there’s a slightly greater incentive to join. However we all know we’re far too busy for this so that person shouldn’t be too upset if they don’t hear any response when they drop the stone down the wishing well.

In this case, it was Andy Beal who started the Meme with his question: What Magazines Do You Read? Li was tagged by Andy and now I carry the baton. If I do tag five people, this will be a pure example of sociability since by now I read very few print magazines that are not online. Instead I fly at hyperlink speed through the RSS news feeds looking for headlines that point to something that intrigues me. The only physical ones I read are for pure enjoyment where I can’t find a satisfactory online substitute. I guess I’m part of the way the world is evolving. So here in no particular order are the few I read:

  1. National Geographic
  2. Canadian Geographic
  3. PME – a French magazine for Quebec entrepreneurs
  4. Search Marketing standard

Reading for pleasure usually involves books but those aren’t included in this meme.

So will I/won’t I help this meme to continue. It’s touch and go but social pressures are sometimes insidious and difficult to resist. So I pass on the batons to:

  1. William Slawski
  2. Donna Fontenot
  3. Ev Nucci
  4. Jim Hedger
  5. Darren Moloney

Don’t worry, there’s no pressure. I won’t mind either way.

9 thoughts on “The Magazine Meme – Thoughts On Being Sociable”

  1. Hi Bill,
    I got your message and yes I will pass this meme on as I think it is a good one to address what we read. If you don’t mind I’ll address this meme through my blog Resource Economics as My Life is Murphy’s Law has gotten enough lately. Thanks much for including me in this meme and hopefully you’ll give me until tomorrow to get to this.

  2. Barry–I’m new to blogging, so tag me anytime! I don’t have much (oops! ANY) traffic, so I’ll gladly carry the water bucket for you.

    About reading magazines, I’ve cut way back. I have a SideKick that I take with me to read blogs when I’m out and about, but the fonts are rather small. I can read the material with my glasses on, but it’s still a bit of a struggle. Also, if I’m sitting outside, that creates another problem cause the sun fades the visibility of the text. But I love having text on the go. I’m a big fan of the mobile web, but people, let’s get it moving. I need more reading material that’s designed for mobile devices.

  3. Hi Christina. I did think of tagging you since I was going through my MyBlogLog contacts. However I couldn’t find any blogs you might have so I chose others. I’ll look more carefully next time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Here’s the magazines I read regularly:

    Fine Homebuilding
    National Geographic
    Fine Woodworking
    Cook’s Illustrated

    As you can see, all for pleasure.


  5. Barry,
    Sorry it took me a while to get this one out but I had a few I had to complete first. I hope your game for me tagging you back. This was an interesting an tag. I had no idea I read so many freaking magazines. I piled them all up on the floor in my offices. I am wacked!

  6. Heh, thanks Barry for passing on the baton. I’ll blog this later and give you a heads up – I do read some magazines but not many.

    I’m honoured to be listed too. Many thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚


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