MRN is Right on Time

MRN, now what might that be? Hopefully not just confusion with MSN. Off the bat we should mention that it is not Market Research News.

One must be very careful with acronyms as Marty Weintraub points out: Think SEO Before You Name Your New Company! He illustrates the difficulties with the acronym MRI.

The business is called “Masters Recording Institute.” Cool name right? Let’s take a more careful look. From an SEO services perspective, it’s a classic search engine optimization blunder. To start: everybody loves initials. From our experience, a good percentage of future direct brand searches could occur on the initials “MRI.”

It’s possible that the curious are already referring to the company as such. Sadly, searches for “MRI” result in harvesting all sorts of information about “magnetic resonance imaging,” which is useless in this context. Needless to say, ranking on the average search engine results page (SERP) for the keyword MRI might take a team of link-building-specialists months – and perhaps cost quite a bit.

He is so right. Thankfully for MRN, the competition in a Google search seems less ferocious. Here are some of the top runners.

The other meaning of the acronym MRN is Marketing Right Now. Surprisingly there are few heavyweight contenders for this acronym. One that caught my eye was MRN – Morgue Reference Number. It does not seem all that popular despite the morbid interest that so many people seem to have in programs like CSI and Bones.

This all gives comfort that the acronym MRN can be used as a shorthand for Marketing Right Now. Hopefully Google will confirm the rightness of this choice in a little while.

FREE from Chris Anderson

Your Time Is Important To Us

I find Chris Anderson often has very thought-provoking ideas. He is the editor-in-chief of Wired magazine and author of “The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More”. That Long Tail concept helps explain why so many surprising Internet businesses work. He honed the ideas for many months before the book came out through his Long Tail blog.

He now is following the same path for his next book which will be FREE. You can learn more about it in an ITConversation on FREE: The Economics of Abundance and the Price of Zero. Here is some of the introductory text:

From free scoops of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream to the business model where razors are given away to sell the blades, there’s a whole gift economy at work that competes with the commercial economy. We think of free as scary and radical but this economy has always existed. Previously not dignified as an economy, its currency is not money: It is reputation, attention, respect, fame, fun or money from a superior service after giving away something inferior for free.

You can build whole businesses around giving stuff away for free. He puts his money where his mouth is. He’s giving away the audio version of his upcoming book, “Free: the Economics of Giving Stuff Away”.

He homes in on an important piece of the puzzle in a recent post on The big lie about free. The key is towards the end:

In a recent post, we listed dozens of business model built on free. All of them are based on the notion that free stuff does have value and the way we measure that is in the time people spend with them. Do I actually need to remind Wall Street analysts that time is money?

Time is an important currency. If we give someone minutes of our time, we give them something of great value. We only have each minute once. If an advertiser tries to grab that minute, then we may well be offended. If on the other hand we are so intrigued by that advertiser’s YouTube video, that we watch from start to finish, then we freely give those minutes. The advertiser has earned those minutes and had a real opportunity to communicate with us. I think once more Chris Anderson is on to a winner.

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