Seth Godin Thinks Bigger Is Better

If you think that is a very un-Godin-like title, you’re in for a surprise.  You may have been thinking about Seth Godin’s post on Small Is The New Big.

Small is the new big only when the person running the small thinks big.  Don’t wait. Get small. Think big.

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Exponential Marketing Beats Viral Marketing

I recently wrote that exponential marketing was the same as viral marketing. .. and of course viral marketing is the same as word-of-mouth marketing you might assume.

Well that is not true according to Seth Godin. He suggests that viral marketing is not the same as word of mouth.

Word of mouth is a decaying function. A marketer does something and a consumer tells five or ten friends. And that’s it. It amplifies the marketing action and then fades, usually quickly. A lousy flight on United Airlines is word of mouth. A great meal at Momofuku is word of mouth.

Viral marketing is a compounding function. A marketer does something and then a consumer tells five or ten people. Then then they tell five or ten people. And it repeats. And grows and grows. Like a virus spreading through a population.

I am not sure I agree with that explanation. However I do believe there is something important in calling it exponential marketing rather than viral marketing. There is a Call To Action in the words. Perhaps more people understand the word viral than understand the word exponential but there is a distinction. It is the difference between suggesting someone should pass it on and the advice to share it with your friends.

In exponential marketing you should encourage your readers not just to pass it to one friend but to share it with all their friends. That is the advantage of the Tell A Friend (misnomer) button you will see here at the foot of this post. There is also an implicit reminder in the note you will see on some blogs to Reblog the post. On Twitter you will also see some people who Retweat a post that includes a link. So help spread the word on the exponential marketing movement by sharing this post with at least two friends .. but hopefully more.

Jason Calacanis and Seth Godin – ultimate linkbait?

Jason Calacanis, Seth Godin – what’s up?

‘Link Bait’ Or ‘Link Worthy’, Are The Lines Becoming Blurred? That’s a topic that is being currently discussed in the Cre8asite Forums. With Google putting so much emphasis on links, there is a natural tendency to drum up as many links as you can. ‘Link Bait’ Or ‘Link Worthy’ almost seems to revolve around whether you are the author or the general reader.

Of course bad news or gossip tends to get more attention than good news. So if you were to create link bait, how would you do it? Probably discussing celebrities involved in questionable practices would seem to fit.

So what should we make of the following. Jason Calacanis has written a post asking, “Why is Seth Godin not talking about the Squidoo problem?” For those not familiar with Squidoo, it’s a concept developed by Seth Godin and described as follows:

Squidoo is the world’s most popular site for people who want to build a page about their passions. Highlight books, blogs, vids, online shops, or just spread the word about stuff you love.

Later in the same day, Jason Calacanis wrote another post acknowledging that Squidoo addresses spam concerns. However the previous day, Gil Hildebrand, Jr. of Squidoo had already given ‘An update on spam‘. So what was this all about: linkbait or link worthy? I’ll leave you to be the judge.