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feeding the dvd
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Keeping everyone entertained on a long car trip can be difficult. Not everyone is going to be able to read a book or fall asleep while the car is in motion. The good news is that you can put a DVD player in your car that can play movies or video games to give your back-seat passengers something to do while on the road.A car DVD player is a useful tool if you have young children or passengers who may get bored easily. The last thing that you want to see is two people in the back of the car hitting each other or getting into an argument because it is too hot or someone has to go to the bathroom. When you are confined to a small space for several hours, tempers can build up and run hot in a matter of minutes.

Fortunately, all you need is a good movie or a video game to keep everyone calm and quiet while you try to drive. If you are the driver, you may be stressed enough trying to figure out where you are going or trying to stay awake after several hours behind the wheel. On most highways, all you are going to see is cows and the odd traffic cop on the side of the road looking for speeders. What you don’t need is screaming passengers added to the mix. That’s enough to tempt you to turn the car around at the next opportunity.

With a DVD player to distract the little darlings, you should be in good shape to complete your trip without too much anguish.

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