Backup Your Digital Assets

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Ensuring your assets are protected against all risks is a prudent approach. In some ways that was easier when most assets were physical. Protecting against fire and theft has been practiced over the decades and refined methods can ensure such protection has adequate reliability at affordable costs.

When it comes to digital assets, technology is advancing rapidly and what was best practice a few years ago may well have been superseded by improved devices and processes. Given backup is a critical function, it is not surprising that there are almost an embarrassment of choices.

In The Cloud Or Using Physical Devices

Storing your backup data in the cloud is the most economic choice but it can be that access to that data is slower than if your backups are on your own physical equipment entirely under your own control. The other downside on using your own physical equipment is that it must be protected against any hazards such as fire and theft.

Software Backup Strategies

Software such as that provided by server backup Novastor is designed to simplify the backup management task but there are still some important decisions to take on the backup regime that will be followed. There are four ways to handle backups that will balance ease of making the backup versus the ease of retrieving what you need if that should be necessary.

  • A normal backup, or a full backup, is typically done before any other type, and holds everything that is in the files to be backed up.
  • An incremental backup keeps only the files that were changed since the last time there was a backup.
  • A differential backup is similar to an incremental one in that it contains each file that has changed, but goes all the way back to the last full backup, rather than just the last backup all together.
  • A mirror backup contains the files that were changed between the time of the mirror backup and the last normal or mirror backup.

Each method is completed through a simple process, and by keeping your data backed up on a regular schedule, it will be there for you to use, whenever that might be.

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