X Winning Ways To Incorporate Social Media Into Your Clothes Design Ideas

fashion modelThis article is contributed by Nancy Baker.

If you are starting off as a clothes designer and are thinking of ways to get your brand and name out there, look no further! Social media is an incredible way to make new friends and generally build up your own community of likeminded individuals. It is also a killer way to bring people’s attention to whatever it is that you are selling, but it is not exactly straightforward. There is a particular set of rules that, if adhered to, can bring you an incredible return. This article looks at how fledgling designers can harness this phenomenal platform in a way that sometimes belies belief. So please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and see if you can pick up some value from the rest of this piece.

Caring and Sharing

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Let’s assume that you already have a website that displays your style for all to see, but how busy is it actually right now? One way to push more traffic to your site is by using social media to make the public aware of its existence. The way to achieve this objective is not by any type or form of hard selling, because that would be a big mistake, especially on social media sites. Your best approach is to create an engaging environment where you can chat and share nice things with your followers. If you have a Facebook Fan Page, use your brand for the profile picture and do the same for any other platforms you feel comfortable using. If you use different photos to represent your brand, it will serve to confuse your followers.

Give and Take

tweet with twitterWhen you are trying to establish your design ideas and brand over social media, you are essentially acting as an ambassador for your company. Be courteous at all times and visit other designer pages for some support – both ways. Although you want to connect to your potential new audience, you should also endeavour to become a part of an established smaller designer network. You can also use these platforms for a source of inspiration and take a look at some of the smaller sites that provide specific design orientated services and products. You can really lose yourself in social media and that can be a good thing if you are open to suggestions.

Portfolio Platforms

portfolio platformAny designer worth their salt will have a portfolio and we’re assuming that you are no different. So you need to get that bad boy out there and start building a serious fan base. A Facebook Fan Page is fine for this purpose but you may wish to check out a few of these other beauties as well:

  • SimpleFolio
  • Briefed
  • Cargo
  • 4ormat
  • Carbonmade
  • deviantArt
  • 500px

These not just galleries so remember to mix it just as much as you do on the bigger platforms, eventually you’ll have a decent following on a mixture of sites. Remember to take any criticism with grace and listen out for some constructive comments, because they will come.

Recommendations Matters

There is nothing like a good recommendation that comes from someone respected in your field, and that is another gem provided by social media. If you have already provided some quality designs for individuals, ask them to be so kind as to pass on a recommendation via social media. If they value your work, they won’t need any arm twisting, but if they are reticent to comment, maybe you need to spend more time on your designs. You can also ask for some connection if you learn that your present clients know a few larger movers and shakers. Jumping into a new community is just a part of social media tactics and most of these introductions don’t happen by accident.

Keep Monitoring


portfolio platformIf you have more than two social media accounts, it can be tricky to stay on top of them. So why not use Tweetdeck to keep an eye on multiple accounts? You can use this to schedule posting and get alerts when your feeds are updated. Bottlenose is another monitoring tool that specialises in keeping an eye on the competition.

Stay Cool!

So there you have it, stick to these strategies and eventually you will have a bunch of your own specially tweaked ones to adhere to – Good luck!

Author Bio: Nancy Baker is a freelance blogger, currently writing for  PromoPays, a leading supplier of custom t-shirts in Toronto. She is good with the piano and is an ardent supporter of the performing arts. You can reach Nancy on Twitter @Nancy_Baker_.

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