A Mother’s Work Is Never Done

mother duckThe Huffington Post has an article on The Battle of the Working Mother and how to win your own ‘Mommy War’. The War is between the demands of your working career and the demands of your home and your children. It’s very challenging but that does not mean that stay-at-home-moms have it easy.

Stay-at-home-moms do not always stay home with their kids because they can afford to not work. They may often stay home because the cost of fuel and child care outweigh the benefits and salary of going to work. Those moms who may have less education or skill may feel it is preferable to stay home with their children rather than going out to work at a minimum wage job. A job that offers little compensation, limited hours, no benefits and no room for advancement gives little incentive for anyone who has to pay the price of gas and daycare in order to work outside the home.

Stay-at-home-moms have had to become creative in their quest to earn an income and still stay home with their children. Often times, a stay-at-home-mom will have other skills that she can market without spending money.

Many young mothers have the ability and time to develop a home-based business. Blogging is a popular form of self-employment for a young mother. By garnering a following based on her expertise, she can derive income from ads or from affiliate marketing programs.

Those moms who do not want to spend their time writing may decide it is better for them to create an online business to sell products. Some of these products may be handmade, or they may decide to institute an arrangement with a drop-shipping company. Both of these options allow them to stay home and earn additional money.

First impressions are important and a professional looking store is critical to make customers want to buy from you. It is not difficult for a mom to sell online with 1ShoppingCart and create an online store that makes the sale.

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