Top Skills and Abilities You Need To Make Money

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This article is contributed by Chris Young.

When it comes to the smartest investment you can make, that is without a doubt investing in yourself. You are your biggest money making tool, and your biggest asset, and if you aren’t the best you can be then you’ll be missing out on money making opportunities. Investing in yourself can mean getting a new haircut which might help you to get a promotion, or it can mean just looking after your health so that you’re firing on all cylinders when you’re at work.

The best way of all to invest in yourself though is to learn new skills and to develop yourself further. This way you will have more knowledge and more skills that you can apply in order to start turning a profit. Here we will look at some of the best things to look into if you want to start increasing your wealth.

Money Management

Of course money management is one of the simplest things we can learn to start seeing positive changes to our bank accounts. Money management is something everyone can benefit from, and this will mean learning things like how to budget and how to reduce your daily expenses – small changes that can add up to large amounts of cash over time. Meanwhile learning where you put that money can then help you to accrue the most interest.


Learning the basics of business is something that will help you to progress in most careers. No matter what job you do right now, chances are that you are in a business setting and that the positions above you are management roles that have more to do with the mechanics of business than they do with your particular industry.

At the same time though, learning business skills will teach you the principles of making money and allow you to strike out on your own and start making money on the side or even mean you can go self employed. Business is just a set of replicable systems and you’d be surprised how much better you become at making money once you’ve learned these systems and can apply them yourself.


Another skill that will nicely supplement business acumen is sales ability. If you can learn to influence others and to get people to buy, then you can turn anything into a success and even if you don’t want to work in sales or become self employed, you’ll find these skills help you to progress in your career and network more successfully.


Learning to haggle is something that can save you a lot of money on a number of purchases and money saved is money made. Again this is also something that has multiple applications, whether you’re haggling for a cheaper Christmas gift for your wife, or a higher pay rise with your boss.


If you have large amounts of money sitting in the bank then you’re actually losing a lot of potential earnings on a daily basis and if you were investing that money yourself you’d be able to see far greater returns. This might mean that you learn day trading, learn to invest in stocks and shares, learn specifics of trading such as options trading, learn how to make smart property investments, or look into becoming an angel investor.

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