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With the explosive growth of Ipads and other tablet computers, many will have done much of their Christmas shopping this year via an online store.  Unfortunately particularly for the retailers, many shoppers will also have abandoned their shopping carts leaving frustration on both sides.

As Delia Ephron in the New York Times suggested, very often you will encounter the hell of online shopping.

Ordering Christmas presents on the Web, regardless of the dubious ease, has obliterated the idea that there should be some grace to a present, some beauty, and that the receiver should experience it. Instead it’s become as mundane and problematic as all our other Web purchases.

The problem is that in navigating around that online store you can run into online dead ends that can derail sales.

A new study indicates that online stores may be leaving plenty of consumer cash on the table.  The Grinch in this tale are dead ends in the purchasing process that litter the online aisles with abandoned shopping carts.

Online sales would be significantly greater if online shoppers had easier access to customer service assistance when they need it, according to a national consumer panel survey sponsored by VHT, which develops online customer service solutions.  The survey found that more than three-quarters of shoppers attempting to make an online purchase said they had been frustrated trying to obtain help when experiencing difficulty completing the purchase. About the same number said they had abandoned an online shopping cart due to frustration with getting the help they needed.

Of course with an online store that has many customers attempting to purchase at the same time, it is unrealistic to have staff available to cope with those who may be having a problem with their online purchases.  It is much more efficient to ensure that the e commerce web design is done with a keen eye for how users may be navigating the site to ensure they will have a satisfactory user experience.  In this way they are less likely to abandon their shopping carts in frustration.  With such web design, both the purchasers and the store owner will achieve mutual satisfaction as the successful transactions proceed to fulfillment.

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  1. Nice article Barry. Abandoned shopping carts are a big problem resulting in revenue leaks. Shoring up any online dead ends can have significant positive impacts to the bottom line and greatly enhance both conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks so much for such great information and really nice ideas. I am a web designer and use my own shopping cart software. It’s a scary thing managing your own software but I think it’s the only way to get everything exactly how you want it. however I do worry more than often enough about people abandoning the checkout process half way through. hopefully not so much now, thanks for sharing! Alex.

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